Hello, I'm Tino, a Freelance Software Developer

Who I am

I'm a fulltime freelance software developer currently residing in Zagreb, Croatia. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computing specializing in Software Engeneering. I've been developing software for over 10 years... Read more about me

What I can do for you

I develop custom software solutions that meet your businesses requirements. I'm available for work on developing websites, web or desktop applications. You can see my work in my Portfolio. I deliver projects on time, within budget and fully respect that often your requirements are strictly confidential.


"Working with mr. Tkalec is much more than just doing business. Hes unique perspective and skillful advice often mean the key difference between success and failure… " - Read More
- Tomislav Kozačinski, Art director at Kozačinski d.o.o.
"Working with Tino was always a pleasure for me because of his professional attitude for work and complex job opportunity. He is hard working professional with good sense for business and customer needs as well. We work together for about 2 years and I can’t find… " - Read More
- Tomislav Mikolavčić, CEO of Utilitas d.o.o.
"Company LAH has for the last 20 years been engaged in the development and production of dermatological, esthetic and dental equipment. With Mr. Tino Tkalec we worked and continue to work on a project to create software for analysis of the skin. In order to create a product that would stand out… " - Read More
- Hrvoje Lah, CEO of Lah d.o.o.
"In today’s world when internet marketing brings most clients, fast, transparent and professional cooperation is of great advantage. Business relationship with Mr.Tkalec has brought a noticeable effect on our business. " - Read More
- Toni Fugošić, CEO of Eko-Verbenicum